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  • The Only Certified Company And Trained By Deif In Pakistan & We Have Completed More Than 100 Projects With Deif Equipment.

  • DEIF's differential current relay RMC-131D protects the generator against short circuits and leakage currents in the windings of the generator.

  • DEIF's RMC-142D stator earth fault relay protects genset operators against electric shock in case of earth faults in the generator's stator.

  • Designed for alternators with SHUNT, AREP or PMG excitation, DEIF's Digital Voltage Controller, DVC 310, is a digital automatic voltage regulator, which monitors and regulates the alternator output voltage.

  • (Power Management System) SCADA 

  •      The Advanced Slim line Textile Metal Detector Very high Sensitivity to all magnetic metals, including stapler pins Extremely high Detection speed High Immunity to environmental Interference High level of electronic and mechanical Reliability Easy installation

  • Seam Detector

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items