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  • DEIF's RMC-142D stator earth fault relay protects genset operators against electric shock in case of earth faults in the generator's stator.

  • DEIF's synchronisers are applied for synchronisation of a generator to the busbar and closing of its circuit breaker when the voltage difference, the slip frequency and the phase angles are within the preset limits.

  • DEIF's synchroscopes are microprocessor-based synchronising units offering visual indication of relevant values for synchronising generators to net (busbar). The units are suitable for all types of installation requiring manual synchronisation.

  • DEIF's multi-instruments for measurements and monitoring of single-phase or 3-phase electric energy distribution networks cover readings of more than 50 parameters.

  • Designed for alternators with SHUNT, AREP or PMG excitation, DEIF's Digital Voltage Controller, DVC 310, is a digital automatic voltage regulator, which monitors and regulates the alternator output voltage.

  • The CSQ-3 integrates synchroscope and check synchronising relay into a microprocessor-controlled, easy-to-install solution. The CSQ-3 unit is operated from the front using pushbuttons behind the removable front cover, protecting users from the near hazardous voltages during set point programming:

  • DEIF has released a new version of its acclaimed Advanced Genset Controller, AGC 200, to meet and surpass OEM needs for synchronization. A cost-effective, compact, scalable andall-in-one product, the AGC 200 comes in several variants

  • The Only Certified Company And Trained By Deif In Pakistan & We Have Completed More Than 100 Projects With Deif Equipment.

  • The EPQ96-2 is a digitally controlled electronic unit that replaces normal motor potentiometers for control of  electronic speed governors.

Showing 1 - 9 of 21 items