C.E.O Message


It’s a privilege to be writing to you as CEO of Exact Engineering Pvt Ltd. I’d like to take this opportunity to briefly outline the company’s direction and our commitment to providing reliable cost-effective solutions that can fulfil our customer’s requirement.

I am proud to be leading Exact Engineering Pvt Ltd during such an exciting time in our more than 30 years period. We have a strong, experienced team under senior leadership that have built a solid foundation for growth and are well positioned to capitalize on opportunities in power generation and automation field. Our employees are engaged and ready to shape the future of our company, and I’m excited about what that future holds.

Today, Exact Engineering Pvt Ltd is focused on executing strategies that will allow us to grow in the industry that we know best. Our plans include expansion to deal in latest technologies through smart acquisitions and Greenfield opportunities.

We see excellent opportunities in the markets we serve. We have a well-established market position and strong relationships in the industry. Finally in all over Pakistan, our customer base is also growing.  In each of these markets, we are well positioned to expand as we look at high-quality, accretive growth opportunities.

Looking ahead, our goals are to be the #1 engineering company in Pakistan and a Top 5 in the sub continent, to maintain our position as one of Pakistan’s largest automation and engineering company. Operationally, we will continue to be a top performer, with 24/7 100% availability of our services and a world-class safety performance record.

We have an outstanding team in place across the company, at the senior management level and throughout our organization. Our success is a reflection of the quality of our people and their ability to work together. We are positioned well for growth, and will continue to provide more automation and engineering services with less environmental impact.